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Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

We offer Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) degree which is a 5 year full time course. This five-year course gives you a holistic to insight into all forms of interior and exterior space design and allows you to explore them in depth in context to an individual as well as to the society. Apart from the above , the course equips you to gain knowledge of subjects ranging from history to structure; drafting to construction;surveying to valuation.

The course is structured to give you exposure and ability to explore the world of actual construction through series of practical aspects such as case studies , site visits and study tours as well as actual deliverance through expert lectures and seminars, workshops and do-it-yourself exercises ; while being able to develop the quality of management , leadership and communication skills.

Architect is the only professional privileged to visualize and create the feeling of space and environment for others to inhabit. He bears the sensitivity for those who will ultimately use it and live in it. Being an architect therefore is an ultimate responsibility to be as near the ‘Grand designer’ as is possible to imagine.

The aim of the study is to turn you from avid learner to ever learner of philosophy of life perceived and expressed through a professional eye . Architecture therefore , is a discipline always in need as one of the prime primordial necessities of mankind that helps shape the both interior and exterior spaces with the ultimate aim being to become a TOTAL PERSON.